Welcome to Vegan Souls

This is year 2070 and some alien species have destroyed the Eidolon planet killing every last living creature out there, destroying everything in their way! Now all the creatures have turned into vegan souls and are on their way to revenge the invaders of their planet.


All 4,444 souls minted on OpenSea for public sale on 4th february for @0.001 ETH. Artwork revealed 5 days after the launch !!!! (9th february) 10 Vegan Souls giveaway for early members, advertising our nft with big influencer's social media handles.


Remaining of 4,444 Vegan Souls will be listed on OpenSea for @ 0.006 ETH! 100 Vegan Souls to be given away periodically. Promoting our NFTs collection to get full potential out of it.


All holders of Vegan Souls will receive whitelist to upcoming projects, 20% of profits will be donated to Mr Beast's #teamseas or any other charity decided with majority community votes.


Not only the community will have the control over the project but also when Vegan Soul's merch is released, 60% of merch profits will go to holders! Another 20 % will be donated to choosen charity by community ! New collection released following storyline.

What does the future hold?

Unlike most NFT projects Vegan Soul allows you to generate a passive income. From each month's sales 5% will be distributed to holder's wallet.That means if we make 100 ETH in sales in a month holders get 5 ETH at the end of month ! Each NFT that is bought for more than 0.7 ETH will get that nft customized stuffed toy + painting made by professional artist.

What will be our floor price ?

Vegan Souls are priced at a flat 0.004 ETH (Polygon Blockchain)

Why should i get a Soul?

Your vote matters here. It is a completely "DECENTRALIZED" project. All further decisions taken according to community vote. Besides the passive income from sales, you will be getting 50% of all the merch sold! Your "IDEAS" to make the project even better are invited on our Discord.

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